A joint IISc-MSR reading group on Secure Computation is currently (Spring 2017) taking place. Please find below a tentative list of research papers to be presented and the corresponding speakers. Reading material will be provided here as and when required. Venue of the talk will be updated before the talk. Please feel to drop by if interested in any of the talks!

Research paper Speaker Time Venue Reading material
Completeness theorems for non-cryptographic fault-tolerant distributed computation [BGW88] Abhishek Shetty 2pm - 4pm, 6/1/17
3pm- 5pm, 13/1/17
Full proof of BGW [pdf]
Multiparty unconditionally secure protocols [CCD88] John Gaspoz 10am-12pm, 20/1/17 MSR
Preliminaries of MPC and Yao's Garbled circuits Divya Ravi 10am-12pm, 27/1/17 252,CSA [2 , Chapter 3]
[4, Lecture13-14]
How to play any mental game [GMW87] Pratik Sarkar
Sruthi Sekar
10am-12pm, 3/2/17
10am-12pm, 17/2/17
[4, Lecture 9-10]
Foundations of Cryptography,
Vol 2, Chapter 7
The round complexity of secure protocols [BMR90] OSL Bhavana
Nathan Kobe
10am-12pm, 24/2/17
10am-12pm, 3/3/17
Rogaway's thesis
A Zero-One Law for Boolean Privacy [CK89] Satya
Ashutosh Kumar
10am-12pm, 10/3/17 252,CSA
Constant-Round Multiparty Computation Using a Black-Box Pseudorandom Generator [DI05] Rohith Chatterjee
Ananth Narayan
10am-12pm, 17/3/17
10am-12pm, 24/3/17

Reference material:
  1. Secure Multiparty Computation and Secret Sharing - An Information Theoretic Appoach by Ronald Cramer, Ivan Damgaard and Jesper Buus Nielsen. Cambridge Press.
  2. Efficient Secure Two-party Protocols- Techniques and Constructions by Carmit Hazay and Yehuda Lindell.
Additional reading material for some of the research papers can be found on
  3. Introduction to Secure computation course by Dr.Jonathan Katz
  4. Secure computation course by Dr.Arpita Patra