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CSA Crypto Group featured in IISc's CONNECT, March Issue!.

We are a part of Security Research Cluster, among EECS Thematic Research Clusters.

Our research group highlighted in IISc home page!.

Arpita Patra's interview featured in Women Scientists in IISc.

Work on "Almost-Surely Terminating Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement Revisited" highlighted in IISc Court Report 2019.

CrIS Lab will be collaborating with IBM IRL on 'Zero-knowledge and Applications of MPC' as a part of OSCP programme.

Arpita Patra will serve as program co-chair for ICDCN 2020. Send your best papers!


Upcoming Talk / Activities

    Arpita Patra will be giving an invited talk on "Recent Results in Secure Multiparty Computation" in TPMPC 2019.

    Divya will be visiting Technion, Israel as summer research intern.

      Protik will be interning at IBM IRL, Bangalore during summer 2019.

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